Skilled people, professional policies

Editorial Expertise


The TEAMtalk media editorial line-up consists of seasoned journalists – all specialists in their respective fields – as well as talented young graduates, who bring a fresh approach to the media game: a winning combination of old dogs and new tricks! Our professional editorial policies ensure data integrity and our complement of regular celebrity contributors add spice and variety to our content.

Professional Publishing


Our publishing division constantly seeks out ways to maximise network exposure and create an even wider platform for advertisers and sponsors, grow readership and boost subscription. Readers are attracted by innovative, relevant content and features. Effective search engine optimization coupled with global linking and social media interaction help to keep our media network at the forefront.

Effective Sales


Driving sales of our syndicated content and data packages and promoting bespoke content services to publishers, brands and media houses, our commercial team is also responsible for attracting advertising and sponsorship to our global digital media network, and building global partnerships. We represent sports agencies in Africa and market the services of various organisations throughout the continent.

Dynamic Ad Campaign Support


Successful advertising and sponsorship calls for creative thinking and effective implementation – two skills that our marketing and campaign management team has in abundance. Our experts assist advertisers in implementing their campaigns, from target market selection and inventory planning, through banner ad design, to hands-on daily management plus campaign reporting, review and analysis.

Proactive Project Management


Providing highly proficient support, our skilled project management and customer services division accompanies each new development through planning and implementation, and ensures ongoing maintenance and support throughout every project life-cycle. For our busy project team, managing web andmobile developments for media houses, brands and networks is par for the course.

Innovative Technology


Our technology team includes acknowledged digital experts who excel at innovative development and intuitive user interface design. Their deep understanding of data capture, reporting and analysis is an invaluable tool for sports analysts and bookmakers alike. Our inhouse developed technologies includeInstantMatchPlay, a tool for recording moment-by-moment action at games, and Newswave, a highly effective content distribution tool.

Hands-on reporting


Our teams of professional match-data gatherers regularly attend events in select sporting leagues, keeping tabs on every moment and every move of the match, reporting live via mobile devices to the newsroom where the data is collated and distributed within breaking seconds