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Our digital network of popular sports portals and specialist sites combines live data, breaking news, opinion-based editorial and active fan communities.

It is one of the largest sports networks in Africa, encompassing more than 80 million page impressions a month, and growing by the day.

Click below, for a brief round-up of the sites in the TEAMtalk media network.

If there’s a sport, we cover it: if there’s an event, we talk about it. brings sports lovers a bird’s eye view of sporting activity around the globe, with comprehensive live sports coverage of major and not-so-major events that keep the sporting world turning.

Hole by hole, point by point, lap by lap and ball by ball –’s reporting is the perfect marriage of live data and commentary with seasoned and insightful editorial.

A bookmaker’s haven, a sports fan’s dream!

Bringing motorsports fans lively, informed and entertaining coverage of the art of racing, our site is not only one of the longest running internet sites in history, but it is also the biggest independent Formula1 website in the world.

Not owned by or affiliated to a specific sporting federation, readers enjoy unbiased coverage of every Formula1 event around the globe, with live commentary of every pit-stop, every lap and every thrill!

Advertisers and sponsors benefit from stronger opportunities to make their mark in this independent sporting arena, without having to compete with messages and branding from other affiliated bodies.

Whether you’re a Southern Hemisphere hero or a warrior from the North, the in-depth rugby coverage offered on will keep the bloodlust up and the temperatures rising.

Well-recognised within the global line-up of digital rugby sites, is known for its comprehensive coverage and entertaining and informative editorial comment. Complementing the up-to-the-minute live data and commentary, leading players from the past (and present) frequently grace the pages as guest columnists.

If it’s happening in the rugby world, you’ll find it on The ideal marketing platform for global brands seeking to meet a global rugby audience.

Visit and see the most universally loved and followed sport of the modern era come to life on screens of all sizes around the globe.

From global stars to local heroes, international tournaments to local leagues, our comprehensive coverage of football includes the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions League and a number of African leagues including South Africa’s own PSL.

With our corporate home base in Cape Town, we have a strong South African and African focus. We are the official data partners to the South African Professional Soccer League PSL and our match-data analysts visit games in every corner of the country. Our football coverage of African leagues is extremely comprehensive and we attract the African football audience throughout the continent and the diaspora.

One of the greatest advertising and sponsorship opportunities available to brands that seek to engage an African audience.

More than just a hub of cricket data and the latest stats (although we provide these, too), is a haven for the discerning cricket fan who has been following the game for a lifetime and appreciates an analytical viewpoint.

Providing an irreverent and slightly quirky look at the cricket world, is aimed at the cricket fan who asks questions and craves well-considered commentary. This niche website is the ideal place to find real cricket news and information, balanced with live commentary and ball-by-ball, run-by-run statistical data.

Advertisers and sponsors have the opportunity for quality engagement with cricket fans around the globe.

For the inside track on the people who currently rule the land of fairways, greens, birdies and bunkers, the golfing fan need look no further than

A digital golf news site that perfectly blends the latest golf news with features and opinion articles as well as detailed live scoring from all the major events on the PGA and European Tours, has a growing audience of followers of the little white ball.

Visitors to the site obviously enjoy spending time there, as the average time spent on site is amongst the highest in our network line-up. From the advertiser’s point of view, the banner ads on reflect a noticeably high click-through rate, indicative of an interested and engaged audience.

This action packed, rough-and-tumble site is a catch-all location for adrenalin junkies of every description.

Stories of extreme sportsmen and women and the events in which they take their daring to the extreme are reported here.

The sports site for the audience that seeks to read about people who take it to the limit and beyond, includes reports, data, features and interviews with daredevils, heroes and heroines of the slopes, grids, peaks, tracks and arenas of our world.

As the name clearly implies, this site is all about South African Rugby! is the newest website in our network and is rapidly climbing the ranks to reach its stated aim: to be the number one destination of the South African rugby fan!

We follow South African rugby teams wherever they go and whatever they do, giving fans of the oval ball the in-depth low-down on SA rugby in all its many facets. Players, clubs, managers – what are they up to and who’s who in the zoo? Historical data offset against latest stats to give the reader depth and understanding, with guest contributors and columnists adding valuable food for thought. The active fan community also enjoys the opportunity to comment - which makes for interesting feedback and open-floor debate.

Advertising and sponsorship on this site will bring brands face-to-face with an enthusiastic South African rugby fan base.

For a lively and entertaining look at the world of Formula1, this quirky website delivers F1 like no other!

If you know and love the sport, is a site where you’ll always be amused, sometimes possibly a little incensed, but definitely always entertained and informed.

The ideal complement to the hard-hitting news and live data and coverage of Formula1 events presented on our site, brings the audience Formula1 reporting at its off-beat best. Read it once and you’ll be back for more. Clever advertising welcome!

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