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Professional global sports coverage: 365, 24/7

TEAMtalk media specialises in the creation and commercialisation of sports news, content and data across multiple platforms. We distribute a broad range of ready sports content directly to sports fans and business partners, including football clubs, sports federations, broadcasters, bookmakers, publishers and mobile network operators. Our portfolio of services includes data and editorial content, provided on an individual basis or as a packaged service for our partners.

Editorial  Editorial

Our sports desks are manned around the clock, and offer breaking news coverage of global sports events and entertaining features in brief or longer format. We provide live coverage of sports events around the world and guarantee seamless, real-time news delivery.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of professional sports coverage 365 days a year, with our team of experienced sports journalists - all experts in their fields - providing the assurance of top quality reporting. With a focus on major global sports, we provide in-depth coverage including reports, analyses, interviews, features, commentaries, results tables, schedules and statistics. Specialist teams are dedicated to covering specific events 24/7 and meeting clients' requirements for bespoke coverage wherever applicable.

To meet regional and local news agendas, we provide tailored daily news feeds for local markets, featuring the teams, heroes and celebs that are most relevant to specific audiences plus personalities and teams with global appeal.  Our editorial teams modify top global stories to suit the local market, adding a regional angle to create greater audience engagement.

Packages News Packages

Our page-ready news is available in a variety of packages or as individual components for online, mobile and print distribution and syndication.

Our sports packages cover: English, African and European football, rugby, cricket, motorsport, golf, tennis as well as myriad specialist sports and general sports news.The UK football offering, in particular, is highly popular and includes breaking news, in-depth news, previews and round-ups from the leading football competitions in the UK - the English Premier League, Football League, Scottish Premier League, the FA Cup/Carling Cup and England internationals.

In addition, special events packages for major competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, the African Cup of Nations, European Championships, the Rugby and Cricket World Cups, the Olympic Games, or the African Cup of Nations, and more are offered.

Multi-channel content: Working in close collaboration with a network of professional partners, we have the capacity to create fully produced bespoke content and programming, cleared and formatted for distribution across a variety of channels.

Social Media Engagement Social Media

Social media engagement requires content. Brands no longer “broadcast” their messages to consumers: the modern audience requires engagement and entertainment, and the opportunity to talk back.

At TEAMtalk media we help brands to create engaging content by identifying attention-grabbing or unique stories and tailoring these to include a local or product specific angle which will complement their social media plans. Brands who utilise the content strategically will be able to gain increased exposure through social media channels, because nothing goes viral quite as quickly as a good story.

Social Media

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